Alex Katz Sculpture Unveiled in Mayfair Fountain, London.
Published by Lococo Fine Art Publisher

A “cutout sculpture” by Alex Katz featuring a group of three female bathers was installed in the fountain outside Mayfair’s Connaught Hotel on June 21, preceding its showcase at the adjacent Timothy Taylor gallery until September 3.  
“Chance,” 2016, is a flat sculpture constructed from porcelain enamel and mounted on a polished stainless steel base. The figures of three female bathers playing with beach balls are depicted in the stylized, heightened, post-Pop colors that Katz has become known for in his seven-decade career. The beach balls are cropped, creating a trompe l’oeil square around the sculpture that adds to its unreality. 
The piece has been placed in the fountain “to celebrate the Katz exhibition at the Serpentine and the start of summer.” 
Although best known for his paintings, Katz has produced a smaller but significant body of sculptures, which feature cut-out images reminiscent of his paintings mounted on poles or, like in “Chance,” on stands. His “cutout sculptures” have been described by art historian Zdenek Felix – who edited a book on them – as “an intriguing fusion of painting and sculpture…hieratic, simplified and yet extremely lively, they function as iconic images in which an individual artist style and our concept of the human image mingle.”