Joe Andoe: Timeless Calamity

Andoe’s paintings have always been minimal. He distills the essence of figures and objects from memory onto dreamlike fields of monochrome. Many of his landscapes are angled as if the viewer is glancing out the window of a moving car. Done in color or black and white, they resemble the outskirts of Tulsa as seen by day or night. Though his early work takes the symbol as object, such as horns or wreaths or flowers, these are not signs to be interpreted. They are pure image meant to convey feeling.

I use abstract language, but I paint figuratively.

Joe Andoe

His most recent solo show, “Rainbow Road Part 2,” was this year in Brussels at Almine Rech Gallery—who currently represents Andoe. They presented a painting at Art Basel Miami this month, and next year they’re hosting another solo show of his work in NYC.

I asked Andoe if his paintings contained a message.
“I just want to be timeless, like timeless calamities,” he replied.

(Via The Tulsa Voice: Timeless Calamity)

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