Kenny Sharf’s Optimistically Melting! at Honor Fraser in Los Angeles

Optimistically Melting!
Kenny Scharf
September 7 – November 16, 2019
Honor Fraser Gallery
Los Angeles, CA

“Honor Fraser Gallery is pleased to present Optimistically Melting!, an exhibition of new work by Kenny Scharf.”

“Defying expectations has long been a hallmark of the work of Kenny Scharf. Taught to revere Abstract Expressionism in art school during the ’70s, Scharf chose to paint cartoon figures and used outlandish colors. Frustrated with the inaccessible gallery and museum system in the 80s, he spray-painted his work throughout New York City, ensuring that everyone could see his bold work. Along with his peers, Scharf has always pushed against the boundaries of the established art world and pursued his own artistic path that encompasses painting, video, sculpture, prints, fashion, and more.”

“Expanding his sculptural practice, Kenny Scharf will unveil a group of large ceramics featuring his signature characters in the round. Produced in collaboration with Stan Edmondson in Pasadena, these works were fired locally and hand-glazed by the artist.”

Honor Fraser Gallery presents Optimistically Melting!

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