The art of James Brown is a tortuous journey through the present age. It maps out a vast and complex territory where distinct and contradictory aspects of present day thought live cheek by jowl.

Birth Year


The art of James Brown is a tortuous journey through the present age. It maps out a vast and complex territory where distinct and contradictory aspects of present day thought live cheek by jowl. His oeuvre reflects his awareness of this many layered reality and tells a tale that unfolds in iconic fragments, material remains, sophisticated chromatic schemes, and elegant and mysterious symbols. Everything is built up through accumulation, through sedimentation and the surface discovers its own lined and wrinkled body where the figure hides its own face in order to express the spell woven by enchantment and contemplation. The art of James Brown is an amulet for our times, it is the place of mysteries of Alchemy and the poetic breath of an image that no longer narrates because its gaze knows all its tales.

James and his wife, Alexandra, tragically died in a car crash in Mexico in late February of 2020.

Elle Decor – April/May 1995

1975 – Master of Arts (MA), Immaculate Heart College, Hollywood

1973-1975 – Ecole Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris

1972 – BFA Immaculate Heart College, Hollywood




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Entretien : James Brown – 2011 (EN sous-titres FR)

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